Forms & templates

For investigators

Research proposal forms

eREX form

For proposal submissions

FY2022 Budget Workbook

For use when developing budgets.  Updated 10/11/2021

Limited submission proposal/nomination cover sheet

For pre-proposals being submitted in response to funding solicitations or nominations for individual prizes or awards that require university internal review and selection.  Updated 7/25/2019

Pre-proposals and Letters of Intent (LOI) Information Sheet

For pre-proposals and letters of intent not requiring an eREX, as determined by Guideline 30, that faculty or departments want added to MyResearch.

NIH Certification about Safe and Healthful Work Environment

Use for: Arrival, Departure or Changes in PI/Key Personnel Named in Notice of Award (including multi-PI arrangements), Reduction in Effort of those PIs/Key Personnel of 25% or more (this includes changes submitted on the RPPR).


Additional forms and templates

Sponsored project agreements

Use of research facilities

WSU research facilities use agreement (.docx): For use of WSU facilities by non-WSU entities

Confidentiality and non-disclosure

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

  • In-bound MTA form (pdf)
  • Out-Going MTA form (pdf)
  • Template agreement (pdf)
  • “Materials Transfer in Academia” (pdf)
    This brochure was created to address the basic academic principles and obligations, which are frequently challenged in the course of planned exchanges between scientists in industry and in academe. It points out the potential problems in draft agreements sent by providers of materials, and it explains the consequences of accepting agreement terms that are overly broad or restrictive. While the focus is on biological materials, the issues discussed are similar for samples of chemical compounds, other types of tangible research materials and even for some types of software. Published by the Council on Governmental Relations.


Statement of intent to establish a consortium agreement (.pdf): To be signed by the principal investigator and authorized research official from each institution

Subawards and subcontracts

Property loan agreements

Clean Plant Center Northwest (CPCNW) agreements