Submit a proposal

Submit a proposal

ORSO must review proposals developed for external agencies

All research or scholarly project proposals with external funding must be processed through the Office of Research Support and Operations (ORSO) for all WSU campuses. Principal investigators and appropriate administrators must also review and approve proposals. Pullman ORSO staff, or the ORSO Grant Management staff for the Spokane and/or Vancouver campuses will submit your proposal to the funding agency or, if needed, return it to you for revisions. Additionally, please see the Proposal Review, Processing and Submission Guideline # 1  for more assistance.  

How to submit a proposal to ORSO

What you need to include

  • Completed copy of the proposal/application
  • WSU certified budget
  • Link to, or PDF attachment of, the funding opportunity.
  • If shipping via courier, include a Request for Shipment of Merchandise form submitted through E-Forms and the required number of proposals to be shipped. Deliver these materials to ORSO near the time of your eREX submission.


Route and obtain approvals on eREX forms at least 2 days prior to the sponsor’s proposal submission deadline.  Work with your department/college administrators, and those of your collaborators, regarding their respective internal deadlines.

If ORSO receives an approved eREX form more than 2 days prior to the deadline:

It will provide a detailed review of the proposal and submit it on behalf of WSU.

If a proposal is not approved, or is approved 2 days or less before the proposal deadline:

ORSO cannot guarantee any of the following:

  • detailed review
  • on‐time submission to the sponsor
  • acceptance by the sponsor of the proposal

Please read proposal instructions from the sponsor very carefully.