Fraud indicators guide

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has created a Fraud Indicators (pdf) guide that can help you detect and address incidences of deception related to government contracts.

Approaches used to defraud the government

  1. Conducting activities covertly or completely hidden from view.
  2. Conducting activities in the open, completely obvious to all, but disguised to appear as if they are part of normal operations.

Fraud or negligence?

The intent to defraud the government (or others) must be present to classify the activity as “fraud” rather than “negligence.”

What the guide provides

Beginning on page 30, the guide offers the following:

  • Examples and details of possible fraudulent activities.
  • Suggestions for monitoring and auditing questionable activities.
  • Detailed lists of fraud indicators and schemes.
  • Warning signs of fraud.