Frequently required information

Grant proposals often request the following data

ORSO contact information

Office of Research Support and Operations
Lighty Student Services Building, Room 280
PO Box 641060
Pullman, WA 99164‐1060
Fax: 509‐335‐0890

WSU is a participating organization in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot.  When WSU works with other FDP participating organizations, we have agreed to review each other’s published profiles in lieu of sending/receiving individual subrecipient commitment forms containing the information posted on their profile. Minor exchanges of data that are transaction/subaward specific (such as an IRB approval, Statement of Work or budget) may occur.  WSU information can be found here.

General university information

  • IRS I.D. Number: 91‐6001108
  • CAGE Code: 0REY0
  • DUNS Number: 04‐148‐5301
  • Number: XRJSGX384TD6
  • Institutional Profile Number (IPF) Number: 9082001
  • CEC Code: 18‐068‐856G
  • NRC: Washington is an “Agreement State” License #WN‐ C003‐1
  • WA UBI: 385000328
  • FICE Code: 003800
  • NAICS Number: 611310
  • Statewide Vendor Number: SWV0000107-23
  • APHIS eFile Unique Organization ID Code: 780822
  • If the question “Does WSU have a federally approved purchasing system?” is asked on your proposal or agreement, please answer with: Not applicable: IAW FAR 44.302
  • WSU is a Morrill Act of 1862 Land Grant University
  • Is WSU registered in the CCR/SAM? Yes
  • expiration date: 11/21/2024
  • WSU’s Federal Single Audit Report information and other financial documents can be found on the Sponsored Program Services website

Research assurance information

  • WSU’s Research Integrity Officer (RIO): Christopher J. Keane, Vice President for Research and Vice Chancellor for Research, Pullman
  • Animal Welfare Assurance Number (Animal Research, PHS): D16-00303 (formerly A3485‐01)
  • AAALAC Accreditation Date: 02/25/10
  • Federalwide Assurance Number (Human Subjects Research, HHS): FWA00002946
  • Misconduct in Science Assurance File Date: 1/13/92
  • Office of the Campus Veterinarian phone number: 509-335-6246

Agency-specific information

  • PHS Entity Number: 1‐916001108
  • DHHS‐PMS PIN: 3K66
  • USDA/NIFA ASAP Recipient ID Number: 5378616

Political districts

Grants will sometimes request that you identify the congressional and legislative districts where the research will take place. The chart below will help you find your districts.

CampusCongressional districtLegislative district

Budget information

The following information will help you set up grant budgets.

Estimated salary increases as of July 1 of each year 
Faculty, post docs, and research assistants4%
Qualified tuition reduction estimated benefit ratesSee current ORSO budget templates

Facilities and administrative (F&A) cost rates

The following information will help you calculate what percentage of a grant will go to F&A.

All rates represent Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC), which are direct costs minus:

  • Equipment items of $5,000 or more
  • Subcontracts after initial $25,000 of each subcontractor
  • Qualified Tuition Reduction

Cognizant agency

Health & Human Services (Helen Fung, 415-437-7820)

Rate agreement and F&A Primer

This information can be found on the Sponsored Program Services website.  See ORSO Guideline 2 for supplemental information.