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Bringing foreign nationals to the U.S.

For work associated with WSU

To get started, contact the Office of International Programs, Department of Global Services.

If you plan to bring a foreign national to WSU

The Department of Global Services works with academic departments and faculty to determine the immigration category that foreign nationals should use to enter the U.S., based on the purpose of their visit to WSU. Its advisors and a faculty immigration specialist answer questions about complex immigration regulations that pertain to WSU international students, scholars, and faculty.

WSU departments must work closely with Global Services

Global Services has primary responsibility for ensuring that the University is in compliance with all federal reporting requirements for foreign nationals at WSU. Eligibility for federal grant funds is dependent upon WSU being in compliance with all federal reporting requirements, including SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).

Issues to consider

Visa requirements

Review visa guidelines for coming to WSU.

  • Do the individuals you plan to bring to the U.S. have visas?
  • Have they cleared all U.S. foreign nationals regulations?

Export control regulations

Read the U.S. Department of Agriculture import export control regulations.

  • Are they bringing into the U.S. items for the project, such as computers, software, plants, animals, etc.?
  • Is their country aware that these items are being taken outside their country?

Travel costs

Contact the Office of Research Support and Operations or your department research administrator for information.

  • Do you have an agreement in place and an account set up so that costs associated with travel will be covered?
  • Are the costs within the allowed time frame of the project?
  • Are they allowable on the project?

WSU employment policies

Read the Business Policies and Procedures Manual 60:05: Employing Non-U.S. Citizens

Pre-arrival checklist

Though designed for incoming students, the list may pertain to research scholars as well.

Contact Global Services

108 Bryan Hall